Satchmo Summer Festival

Its Here and Remember to keep Hydrated.It’s Hot as Balls out There.So keep a Bottle of Water Around and You should be Fine.I would Suggest a Few Local Restaurants for you to Try.

For Breakfast: Try Cake Restaurant These Ladies kick Butt That work There.Huge delicious Biscuits it’s a Breakfast Dream Come True!


Lunch:You gotta get a Cab or Uber to Parkway Bakery right off Bayou St.John.World Class New Orleans cuisine overstuffed Shrimp and Oyster Po Boys.A must Have if you come Down.

Dinner:Muriel’s On the Square.Excellent Staff and has a awesome Balcony view of The Jackson Square scene.

Other Notable Places:
The Gazebo on Decatur:Sit Back and enjoy Breakfast Lunch or Dinner.Listen to Live Music and Sip a Mint Julep if ya Want!

3 Muses on Frenchmen Street.Great Topas style servings and sit and Listen to a Live Band.or sit at the Bar and Listen.

Siberia on St.Claude Ave. has live Music.A lil More of a Local Scene than Frenchmen street.They are well known in New Orleans for having Top Notch Food and Live Music of New Orleans and some National Acts as well.She’s The Pearl of St.Claude.Tell Them sent You they will charge you Double!

Satchmo Festival

Next Month is the New Orleans Tribute to Louis Armstrong.A complete listing to the Festival is on the Link .Remember to Drink Plenty Water and Wear a Hat .Its very Hot in Nola during the months of August and July so stay Hydrated!!.

Cafe Envie on Decatur Street.

Right off Frenchmen on Decatur on the corner of Barracks sits Cafe Envie.They Serve Breakfast and some of the Best Coffee around Frenchmen Street.Prices are reasonable and you can get Breakfast and something on The Go.Always Friendly service and lots of spaces to sit inside and Outside.If you come down and get a Chance check them out you won’t be dissapointed.

Essence Festival 2016 New Orleans

Thanks to all The Wonderful People who came down and enjoyed New Orleans During Essence Fest.We are most Thankful to You for keeping us Working and Please come Back!!!

Brexit and Frenchmen Street

Many People have been asking me will Brexit affect Whats Happening on Frenchmen Street?My reply is not at the Moment.People from The E.U. and Britain are all welcome and we will glad take your Euro’s or Pounds(Preferable Pounds) So you can just go ahead and enjoy that almost French City of New Orleans.Just don’t expect to find any Soccer Games on Here(Unless you ask one of the nice Bartenders Nicely).

Adopt a Pot Hole In New Orleans!

Wanna be the Envy of Your Friends? Are you Hip and Have some extra Dollars To save Momma Nola? Been here all Your Life and Just Deal with It? It’s a well Known Fact that New Orleans is Sinking.I have been here all My Life and have Learned To Deal with It. My Mind is able to remember streets with Holes so That next Time i’m on the Street it’s Like reflex swirving around The Hole or Slowing Down.A huge hole opened up on Canal Street Here recently exposing a Tunnel that ran under the Street.Many Locals Celebrated Sink Hole De Mayo around It. You can send your Money To The City of New Orleans They will be put it To Good Use(Im Sure).Got any Good Nola Pot Hole Pictures Feel Free To send Them In!


Potholes of Nola StopsignInPothole3 images party holes download


My Split Milk Likes New Melatauns Video.

Thanks To Alex and all the Great Folks @myspiltmilk for the kind words on our Video.

New Swingin Melatauns Cd @Louisiana Music Factory.

All Original Swing and Latin Tunes.Here’s a Sample.

Jazz Festival 2016 Starts This weekend.

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Starts This weekend.To see the Lineup for the two weekends of Jazz Festival click the link.

Mardi Gras 2016 New Video

Video by the Local New Orleans Band The Melatauns Mardi gRas in New Orleans.


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