Frenchmen Streets Best Of The Year Awards!

Our Committee Here Meets in A Secret Location Once a Year and Comes up with the Nominees and Categories.Winners to be Revealed on January 8th!! Vote at the Bottom of the Page or send in your e ballot to

Best Dressed Band:

1.Washboard Chaz Blues Trio

2.Hot Club of New Orleans


Best Looking Trumpet Player:

1.Ian Smith

2.Ben Polcer

3.Ed Polcer

4.Will Smith

5.Marla Dixon

Best Clarinetist with an Attitude:

1.Bruce Brackman

2.Evan Christopher

3.Chris KOHL

Drummer Most Likely To Get You In Trouble

1.Ben Bohannon

2.Doug Belote

3.Tom Chute

4.Eric Heigle

Bass Player with the Best Smile

1.Alan Broom

2.Jason Jurzak

3.Nathan Lambertson

Guitarist with the Most Teeth:

1John Rodli

2.Russell Welch

3.King James

Best Female Singer with a Flower in Her Hair:

1.Linnzi Zaorski

2.Meschiya Lake

3.Sophie Lee

4.Ingrid Lucia

Tallest Sax Player:

1.Tom Saunders

2.Dominick Grillo

3.Christian Winthers

Best Trombonist With Glasses:

1.Paul Robertson

2.Charlie Halloran

3.Craig Klein

Best Dancer/Musician:

1.Andy Reid

2.Peter Loggins

3.Emily Estrella

Best Submerging Band:

1.The New Orleans Cottonmouth Kings

2.St.Louis Slim Band


4..King James and The Specialmen


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