Bruce Brackman


Bruce Brackman plays clarinet with The Palmetto Bug Stompers







Bruce Is a Busy Working New Orleans Musician.He plays in Many of the Top Bands In New Orleans including Treme Brass Band,Storyville Stompers,The New Orleans Cottonmouth Kings(6 of the 7 Jazz Vipers),The Plametto Bug Stompers,King James and The Specialmen,The New Orleans Moonshiners and Many others.His Clarinet Playing Is Out of this World and Has his very own Distinct Sound.Robert Snow once said”If you put a Thousand Clarinetists together and Had them Play. I could Pick Bruce Out!!” He also is a very Accomplished Sax Player and Proves it with the 9th wards Favorite band King James and The Specialmen.Along with Dominick Grillo Bruce emdodies that New Orleans R&B Sound from the Soul.He has recorded with the Top Bands of New Orleans and Has also recorded for Eric Claptons Latest Album.He comes from a Family of working Musicians Including His Mom Kathleen and his Awesome Brother Chuck Brackman who also plays regularly around New Orleans.The Brackmans are one of the Best Families oof New Orleans Music.Bruce is also an Accomplished Pianist and Song Writer.If you ain’t heard Bruce Yet You ain’t heard  a Great Clarinetist!!!

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  1. Bruce says:

    Wow thankyou Robert ! !

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