Dominick Grillo

Dominick Grillo... a veteran bandleader who's soulful voice and powerful 
tenor saxophone have been delighting audiences around New 
Orleans for over 10 years. Dominick's performing experience 
has made him a highly revered asset to the music community. 
His repertoire consists of songs by LouisArmstrong, Duke 
Ellington, Ray Charles, Jimmy Reed, James Brown, and 
other artists from the golden era of American music. 
Dominick originally from New York, now lives in New 
Orleans. He has worked as a Sideman for St Louis Slim, King 
James and The Special Men, Mike Hood, Big Soul, Bourbon 
Street Katrina Band and The Category Five Horns, Swing 
Soiree Swing Band, on Bourbon St. at The Sing Sing Blues 
Club, The Rock an Bowl, and at clubs , venues and Festivals 
all over metro New Orleans.
 Dominick plays a mixed bag of New Orleans music and 
jazz. Currently he is billing himself as Dominick Grillo and the 
Frenchmen Street Allstars (formerly the Trio d’Grillo) They 
play regularly at the Spotted cat on Frenchmen St. Dominick 
studied with Teacher Anthony Masei, with teacher Greg 
Bobulinski at Five Towns College Long Island, where he 
earned a performance associates degree in music.
He also studied with teachers Brent Rose, Harold Batiste, 
and many more.
Dominick has completed his own cd’s, Dominick Grillo and 
the Trio d’Grillo, “Mr. Saturday night” Dominick Grillo and 
The Frenchmen Street Allstars “Where Is My Groove At” 
Dominick Grillo and The Frenchmen Street Allstars

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