Matt Rhody

Matt Rhody is a fixture on Frenchmen Street,Playing with many Bands Including the New Orleans Cottonmouth Kings,The Hot Club of New Orleans,Washboard Rodeo,Frenchmen Street Jug Band and Many more.He is a Violinist extrodanaire! And can Play Bach to Hendrix with the flick of a Wrist.Robert Snow says about Matt”He is one of the most Complete Musicians I have ever encountered”.He has worked with The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and Harry Connick Jr.,Stevie Wonder.Every Band that Matt Plays with gets infected with his Playfull style and Cool Demaner.There arent many Violinists in New Orleans that have the raw energy and style that Matt Has.Since coming to New Orleans in the late 90’s Matt Has carved out a Special Nitch in the City’s Music Scene and he is an In demand Player on the scene.You can catch Matt in one configuration or another almost any day of the Week on Frenchmen Street.Look for him you wont be disappointed!!!

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