Hubie Vigreux


Hubert Joseph Anthony Vigreux III AKA Hubie Vigreux or UB∏ has been a resident of Frenchmen Street since 1984 and before, hung in that neighborhood since his early teens, played drums in garage bands, and on occasion with Ernie K-Doe, Oliver Morgan, and Jesse Hill, worked at WDSU Ch6 1981-2005, WLOXCh 13 Biloxi, 1974-1981, WVOG Gospel Music Radio, New Orleanian Native Born 1953 between Piety and Desire, Grew up in the Mighty 9, and Indian Village, Gentilly..attended St. Mary of the Angels, Capdau Jr High and Juan Easton , Member of the NOPD Rescue Squad (New Orleans Percussion & Drum), A Creature of Habit, A Revealer, Congas for Mardi Gras Injuns with Chuck Perkins & Voices of the Big Easy, A MIKE for Irene Sage, A Member of the Fessters, Percussionist for Mike Hood, A Frenchmen Sreet Allstar, Paw Paw of the Frenchmen Street Family Band, Hachette Man for Big Chief Alfred Doucette, Luiziana Swamp Monster for Coco Robicheaux, A Monday Night Jammer at Cafe Negril, A Dixie Menthol King with Mark Pohlen, bongos for John William… Award wining Media Consultant, Freelance Photojournalist, HD Television Cameraman, Director, Producer, Soundman, Foley Artist, Radio Announcer, Television Voice Over, Public Infomation Officer for the Grim Reaper, and Shop Steward for the Union of Professional Hecklers EIEIO

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