Eddie Boh Paris “Chop Chops”

Eddie Boh Paris & the Funky 7 Brass Band

The Funky 7 Brass Band takes a lot of shapes. Trombonist and vocalist and all around entertainer, Eddie Boh Paris, re-creates the Funky 7 to fit the situation. The never changing ingredient is the happy sound! Eddie Boh Paris has carved out a niche for himself in the New Orleans musical landscape. He has taken with him valuable experience from the many groups that he has played in. From the small street bands, from the world famous Olympia Brass Band with which he has traveled the world, and from the fabulously talented Gary Brown with whom Eddie Boh Paris has also toured with, from the many years of playing in the French Quarter of New Orleans, perhaps the world s best school of music! Many New Orleans musicians look to Eddie Boh Paris as the man to help them to get more playing gigs. Eddie has the leadership abilities that keep him in demand, from Jackson Square to the capitals of the world. He has the fire that keeps his musical soul hot!




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