John Rodli


John is the rhythm King Of New Orleans .He plays in the style of Danny Barker and Freddie Green.His strum is imitated by Many.He is also a first Class Singer and sings with a Passion known by few.He has played with many of New Orleans top Bands Including Tuba Fats,The New Orleans Jazz Vipers,The Plametto Bug Stompers,The Hot Club of New Orleans,Linnzi Zaorski and Delta Royale to name a few.Like Many Musicians in New Orleans Rodli is a consumate Sideman and can be in almost any band any night of the Week.He also Plays in the New Orleans R&B band King James and The Specialmen.Look for Rodli on Frenchmen Street next Time your here !

3 Responses to “John Rodli”

  • Roger Salloom

    I have small fest on the weekend of May 23, 24, 25, in the afternoons. are any of your bands up in the NYC or New England area? You could easily get an evening gig because the afternoon ends at 4pm.
    Please let me know. hope you are doing great.

  • roger salloom

    thanks, Robert, for letting me know…maybe next time. if you every find yourself coming up to NY or New England, Pa, let me know because i might be able to find you a date.
    Hey have a good gig, Robert.

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