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Mia Goldsmith, with her incredible string of competition wins and international teaching and performing gigs, excels in dances from the Jazz Age — and is known as one of the best Balboa Swing dancers in the world. As one of the cornerstones of the Seattle swing dance scene for over five years, instructing and performing regularly at the Century Ballroom, Mia has since moved to New Orleans. There she helps run a weekly swing dance night, is producing a dance and music variety show, and spends the bulk of her time dancing and partying the nights away to all the fabulous local bands of her scene. Her unique approach to teaching is full of energy and creativity, bringing a passionate and motivated air to the classroom. She is known for her highly impressive footwork, improvisation, and individual approach to the dance. Being on the road for most of the year teaching and dancing, her passion and love for New Orleans and it’s music is shared with her students. Mia never passes an opportunity to introduce her classrooms around the world to the bands she gets to hear nightly at home!

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