Scotty Hill



New Orleans-born trombonist leads the French Market Jazz Band.

As a child of 4, Scott Hill remembers the processions of brass bands at funerals passing very close to his home in the Carrollton neighborhood of New Orleans. He also enjoyed going with his parents as a cruise ship was about to sail, where bands like Oscar “Papa” Celestin would play. Little did he know what an impact all of this would have on his life….

Scotty Played on the Street for years with Guys Like David Lastue,Frank Trapani,Betty Ann Lastie and was also a member of Tuba Fats Chosen few.Scott was also one of the founding members of the Palmetto Bug Stompers one of Frenchmen’s premier New Orleans Jazz Bands.In 1999 Scotty was inducted into the New Orleans Jazz Hall of Fame.He has performed with many New Orleans Acts as a side man including Louis Prima,Bobby Lanero,Al Hirt ,Teddy Riley,Dave Bartholomew, and still today performs regularly at the Preservation Hall with Shannon Powell.

Scotty has branched out into the World of Midi Music and Has writen stunning Pieces that are Played all over the World.Affectione Called “Paw Paw Scotty” by his friends and continues to perform and has A few cds for sale and midi Music.

Scotty has  performed with the following:
Frank Assunto’s Dukes of Dixieland, Wallace Davenport, the Onward and Tuxedo Brass Bands,
the Storyville Jazz Band at Kennedy Center, with
Ellis Marsalis piano, & Danny Barker. Shows have
included:The Four Tops, Lloyd Price, Pearl Bailey,
Dionne Warwick, and Ella Fitzgerald. Recordings with:
Wallace Davenport, Louis Prima, and Louis Jordan.






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