Bart Ramsey


Originally from Chicago, singer/songwriter and piano player Bart Ramsey has lived in New Orleans for half his life, give or take a few years in West Africa, Central America and Europe. His first professional gig was in Bamenda, Cameroon, when he became the regular organist for the traveling Nigerian band “Jerry Cooper and the Jark Brothers.” Once the band dissolved, he moved to New Orlenas to write a couple of novels and soak up the music of his adopted hometown. Bart is a prolific songwriter with twisted tales to tell and an off-beat sense of humor. He writes in styles ranging from smooth New Orleans swing, including the quirky love song “The Lady I Hated to Lose”; to New Orleans Mabo, as in “Don’t Rain on My Mardi Gras”; to country blues ans in the abduction-by-aliens shuffle “I Thought It WAs God But It WAas Only a UFO.” His lyrycs have been described as “vivid, evocoative mini-epics.”  Bart’s singing voice has a personable, bluesy quality. Besides piano, he performs on guitar and accordion, and records with a variety of other instruments, including harmonica, jaw harp, glockenspil and percussion. He has done session work on piano, accordion and/or hammond organ for many local recording artists. He also performs and records with Austin producer and performing artist Rob Halverson, with whom he has recently co-written a record. He was a founding member of the award winning New Orleans gypsy swing band Vavavoom, which has since disbanded. He continues to play locally in New Orleans under various guises, including New Orleans Gypsy Jazz All Stars.



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