St.Louis Slim

When I was a child, My Father was always playin' Music.
On the Weekends he would be in the Kitchen Fiddlin' so
nice and long until the Neighbors thought we
must have bought a new Stereo.He Parked the Truck in the back yard
and I would come up,to cool off,Me from playin',Him from fiddlin',
with some Ice Tea.Don't remember a time without that music of
my father.Except when he was gone.Then you'd catch me
tape recording myself singin' to see if I sounded like him.At night the old
guys would come over:Milt on steel guitar,
Great uncle Frank(I barely remember him,Great Fiddler)
and a few others,and Bernie my father.
I grew up with folk music all around.that is,songs by folks
Seems like live music was more there than radio.I remember my
Father singing me a song once.To Me.I told him I didn't like it.
I think I was intimidated by the power you can have when you sing.
I was a child.But I did realize what you can say with music.
I don't mean with words,but music.Big Bill Broonzy said
"I guess all songs are folk songs,I never heard no horse sing'em.
If your Human you'll understand.

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