Sidney “Dr.Guitar” Snow

Sid Dr.Guitar Snow is a well known New Orleans Musician,who has played with manymnay great Musicians over the years.Including

Etta James,Fats domino,eLVIS presley,The Originals,Mack Rabinack,Rollin ‘Stone’Leblanc,Dick Stebile Orchestra,Ertha Kitt,Otis Redding

Danny barker,Johnny Adams,Teddy Riley,Murphy Campo,Al Hirt,Louis Prima,Rockell Welch,Charmaine Neville,Tommy Ridgley,Ernie K-Doe,

The List goes on and On.He has his own band The Franklin Ave.Overpass and is a Featured Sideman with Many bands including Greg Stafford,Dr.Micheal White,Ready teddy Band,The Palmetto bug Stompers,Linnzi Zaorski,The Preservation Hall and many others.

Since Katrina Sid has been salvageing old Instruments that were Destroyed in Katrina .That has been a passion for him restoring those old Instruments back to playability.He also does repairs on Guitars,Basses,Banjo’s and violins for the Local Music Scene.alot of his instruments are featured on

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