Merry Christmas from Frenchmen Street!

Have a Great Christmas and Holidays from!

Halloween In New Orleans!!!!

Happy Halloween From New Orleans To everyone around the World.New Video from the New Orleans Band the Melatauns.Shot alot at the House oF Shock!!!

Happy Jazz Fest 2015!

If your coming To New Orleans The Weather is Beautiful right now.Enjoy the City The Music and Culture all from Frenchmen Street.I highly Reccomend eating at The 3 Muses,and Seoul Shack at The Dragons Den.Anyone of the Clubs on The Street is worth checking out.My Favs are The Spotted Cat,DBA,Cafe Negril and Apple Barrel.Tell Them Kideggplant Sent you! Must see Bands Include Shotgun Jazz Band,Palmetto Bug Stompers,New Orleans Cottonmouth Kings and King James and The Specialmen.Its all Good so get out and listen to some Music .tip the Bartenders and Musicians you won’t regret it.

Interview with Bigfoot

Monster Interviews will be Interviewing all the Great Monsters!

Ken Swartz and the Palace of Sin New Website.

We try to encourage everyone to buy cd and Merch directly from the artist.This is Kenny new website address.If you cant get it from them please buy from our local Cd House The La. Music Factory.

Coming Soon New Orleans Own The Frenchies!

We are doing our Annual Frenchmen Street Awards.Please feel free to vote.When our ballots go up.It will be a Light Hearted Awards and a Play on other Ceremonies.Once all Winners are tabulated there will be a Show at The Frenchmen Street Club The Spotted Cat Music Club sometime in April.TBA at a Later Time.

Saints fight Song By The Melatauns Local New Orleans Band available Now!

If your a Who Dat this is an Ultimate Tailgating Song for the Black and Gold!Will be ready to roll on Itunes real Soon also.


The Melatauns:Modern Rock Review

We seem to be on to something our first Cd is still Getting Great Reviews and a New Album coming out soon(We Think even better than the First)Thanks for the appreciation MRR!An honor to Represent The State of Louisiana!

Movie Reviews By Mr.Gregory Bradley Local New Orleans Character

We hope to do a weekly Movie Review with Mr.Bradley.He is a staunch Lover of Films and runs down the basic story in about 2-3 Minutes.Thanks Gregory!

Book a New Orleans Band Through Frenchmen Street Music

We have Years of experience Booking Weddings,Parties and Conventions.We know the strain of getting all the loose ends together for events.Let Music be the Last Thing You have to worry about.We can supply 1-15 pcs Bands for your event.Tell us what you have in Mind and we will work with You to get the Music You need for Your event.whether you know what Bands you want or just leave it up to Us.We have the contacts to get Your Music Right.Brass Bands,Trios and Many More are at our fingerTips.Contact us .

Robert Snow-504-251-7868

Matt Rhody-504-931-6350

Bruce Brackman-504-495-3480

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