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We have been Best Friends and Band Members since High School and we were both Raised In The Lower 9th Ward Together.We collaborated and wrote all the Songs Together on the new Melatauns Cd “Bards of Melatonia” which is for sale on CdBaby and soon to be on Itunes and all the Major Download Services.

I Interviewed Andy “Dr.Bone”Galbiati last night and then he said let me interview you!And I agreed .We had alot of fun and we had just Played a Gig at The New Orleans Historic Collection with the Great Carl Leblanc.While editing the Video I decided to Increase the Speed to 1.5 speed and I think it came out awesome!anyways let me know what Ya Think?

Go Outside New Orleans Theres alot of Great Musicians but Here It’s a case of Apples not falling far from the Tree!
One such Notable Family is The Andrews Family.Which includes Troy”Tromebone”Shorty,Glen David Andrews,Terrance Andrews,James”Twelve”Andrews,Glen Joseph Andrews,Derrick Tabs.They all draw a Lineage to Jesse”OH POO PA dO” Hill.Glen David Andrews is one of The premier Male Vocalists In New Orleans .He has a Powerful Voice That he Honed from Years of Playing on Jackson Square with Tuba Fats “Chosen Few”.His shows are infectious and High energy Like a Elvis Las Vegas Show.Here Glen was my very First Interview for Frenchmenstreet.com.


Did this about 3 Years ago with Mush!She was awesome with the heat and all.Since she has exploded and is a Traveler of the World and Performs with many Bands in the City.

Yes They have such a Day Here!It was raining but that didnt stop them from Riding Their Bikes.It was Funny seeing a Police escort afterwards.

Local Musician and D.J. on WWOZ ONE NIGHT AT A sPECIALMENS gig!

My Uncle Ron.A New Orleans Guitarist since 1957.He and my Dad won a Watermelon in A NBC RADIO Talent Contest.He has been playing Professionally since That Point.

Did This Interview with Pops about 4 years ago.It’s one of my favorite’s he tares into me and I loved every Minute!Pops is an awesome Musician and has played with everyone who was anybody .He also is an Endorsee for D’Angelico Guitars.Towards the end Some Cat from New York starts trying to take over my Interview.

Photo By Bradley Clement.For Frenchmenstreet.com

Photo By Bradley Clement.For Frenchmenstreet.com

Photo by Sam "Lil Sammy King"Cammarata.for frenchmenstreet.com

Photo by Sam “Lil Sammy King”Cammarata.for frenchmenstreet.com